McLaughlin Defends Shildt Against Those Who Think Cards’ Hire Was Premature

Cardinals hot takes come fast and often at the end of every season, and have come earlier than we’d hoped the past three. Recent years’ versions have almost always involved some sort of managerial discussion (fire him!) and this autumn hasn’t been any different in this regard.

What’s different is it’s no longer a question of whether or not to fire Mike Matheny, but rather a debate on whether they hired Mike Shildt too quickly. We’ve just subbed one quagmire for another if you ask some in Cardinal Nation; particularly those who believe the team should’ve done some offseason browsing in the skipper market.

Whichever side of the fence one falls here is 100 percent their prerogative, but Cards FSM broadcaster Dan McLaughlin doesn’t understand why some folks think Shildt’s three-year deal was a hasty move on the club’s part.

“Some of the people that have said that to me, I’ve reversed the question and said, ‘Well, what do you want out of him? What were you looking for?’

(They say), ‘Well, you need to wait and see what happens.’ What and see for what? And there wasn’t an answer,” McLaughlin told Monday’s ‘Bernie Miklasz Show.’

Danny Mac reasoned Shildt’s early deal was due to the club having groomed him for years to someday take the big club’s reigns.

“If you had somebody in your job, in your company and you’ve been grooming him since the early 2000’s to potentially get this job, what’s the point in waiting?” he said. “This is the same thing. It’s business. It just happens to be baseball. They’ve been grooming this guy for a long time.

“Here’s a guy who won and won a lot in the minor leagues, and developed many of the players that we see here. So, I look at it differently. It makes sense that he got the job.”

Having said that, McLaughlin does understand why some folks would find Shildt’s hiring untimely, as it came during the Cards’ 22-6 August record. But he still points to the skipper’s history with the club as his argument’s bedrock.

“I understand that it was 22-6 and the team was riding high, and I can understand if somebody would say from the outside, ‘Look, don’t give him the job. Keep him on the hot seat. Keep the thumb on him. Make sure that he feels pressure.’ I get it,” McLaughlin said. “That’s why a lot of people have successful businesses; they put people in pressure spots.

“He was in a pressure spot. He knew what the situation was; he knew where he was going with this team. So, to sit there and say it didn’t make sense, to me is kind of ludicrous. And I’ve seen a lot of people write about it and I’ve seen a lot of people mention it and it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Danny Mac also gave his best guesstimate on what the Cards would do roster-wise this winter. You can listen to the entire segment’s audio below.

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