Are the Cardinals Teasing a Return of Their ‘Victory Blue’ Throwback Jerseys?

Welcome back (presumably) the Victory Blues!

So there you are, sitting at your desk on a Monday morning, trying to inject vats of coffee into your bloodstream while simultaneously trying to avoid the insufferably boring anecdotes from Tanya in sales about what her kids did this weekend. We don’t care about your son Ayden’s soccer game, Tanya!

Then, while trying to avoid making eye contact with your boss in the hall, you check Twitter. And notice a tweet from a few days ago. A cryptic tweet from your favorite baseball team.

No, it’s not breaking news from Jon Heyman that the Cardinals have agreed to terms with Bryce Harper on a 10-year, $375 million deal…

…but it’s the next best thing.

How did you miss this earlier?! Maybe because you spent most of the weekend raking leaves in your front yard. But that doesn’t matter, because you’ve seen it now. And it’s glorious.

Ozzie. In the powder blues. With next Monday’s date. What does it all mean?

Let’s dig in.

Well, it would be wrong to rush to assume the Cardinals are tipping their pitches, but it appears the Cardinals are tipping their pitches. Because with a quick Internet investigation, it appears the Cardinals obviously photoshopped that iconic photo of Ozzie Smith flipping.

So why would the Cardinals go out of their way to photoshop an iconic Ozzie shot if they weren’t getting ready to make some sort of announcement about their powder blue uniforms?

I mean, if they were planning to unveil some Denim throwbacks, they’d probably photoshop it to look like this:

Or if they were looking for that New Years Eve vibe and looking to unveil gold sequin throwbacks, they’d photoshop it to look like this:

Or if they were hinting at Turn Ahead The Clock uniforms, then they’d probably look like this:

But alas, they photoshopped the Wizard in the powder blues – or as the Cardinals officially call them, their Victory Blues (aptly named by Gussie Busch). The iconic threads that made their debut in 1976.

Sure, we’ve seen them for one-off’s here and there, but with this tease it’s safe to assume they plan to bring them back, potentially as an alternate 2019 uniform.

NOTE: Despite looking so realistic, this is only a mockup.

If you’re not a fan of the Victory Blues, and I know a lot of you are not, take this into account: When the Cardinals debuted these threads in 1976, they were coming off a season where they finished 29 games out of first place in the NL East. The late, great Red Schoendienst was out as manager and Vern Rapp took over.

Hmmm… sound familiar? Kind of? A little?

Sure, the Cardinals didn’t finish 29 games back, but they did just miss October baseball for the third straight year. Mike Matheny is out, and Mike Shildt took over. So adding a little Victory Blue to their color scheme should help, right?

It did back in ’76!


They ended up making the playoffs… eventually. In 1982. When they also won the World Series. Then they went on to win the NL in ’85 and in ’87. So yeah, maybe it took a little while for the Victory Blues to jumpstart the team, but they eventually worked. So bring them on again!

Personally, I’m a firm believer of the “look good, feel good, play good” lifestyle, and if you bust these VB’s out, you will look GREAT!

Need proof?

Look, I’m not going to say go ahead and hand the Commissioner’s Trophy to the Cardinals (for the 12th time), but you might as well tell every other team to start planning for 2020. Because next year is a lock… allegedly. If they do, in fact, re-unveil the Victory Blues into the uniform rotation.

So go crazy, folks! Because this new laundry should get you more excited than popping a Victory Blue pill.  And if you’re excited for more than four hours, please consult a physician.

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