Cardinals Unveil Updated ‘Victory’ Blue Uniforms With a Little Help From the Wizard

If you’re a retro-kid and were hoping to buy that special Cardinals fan in your life an updated ‘victory’ blue uniform for Christmas, you’re 100 percent in luck.

The club unveiled new baby blue uni’s Monday at Ballpark Village, playing a video of Ozzie Smith’s early ’80s powdered-blue heroics before the Wizard bestowed Harrison Bader with the updated threads:

Pressed on whether powdered blue is a wise fashion choice, Ozzie answered in the affirmative with a caveat.

“It depends on who wears it…I can make powdered blue look good,” the Wizard joked. “It’s one of those uniforms I think can be intimidating as well. I think when people saw us in those uniforms with the way that we played, the consistency with which we played; it had an intimidating factor. Certainly, when you see these uniforms here with the birds on the bat with the yellow, it could have that effect. Hopefully it does, anyway.”

After hearing all the nostalgia talk, Mozeliak joked he may have to model today’s club more on the original powdered-blue era’s.

“I was reading the script before we came out here and it sounded like you guys wanted me to reinvent the roster and go back to the late ‘70s and early ‘80s and all eight starters would be fast,” Mo said. “We wouldn’t really worry about the long-ball anymore.”

“I think it does have a reflection back on our past, but it has a touch of the future, too, because I do think the way this uniform’s cut and the way it lays on the player is very much more modern,” Mozeliak added.

Dan McLaughlin emcee’d Monday’s proceedings, which featured a short Q&A with Smith, Bader, Bill DeWitt III, John Mozeliak, and former Cardinal Kerry Robinson, who originally lobbied for the baby-blues’ return. Robinson said he brought it up with DeWitt after seeing lots of the powder blues in his travels as a Cards scout.

“As a kid, I dreamed of being just like Ozzie Smith and Willie McGee, so bringing them back is nostalgic for me,” Robinson said.

The team will sport the new jerseys — a more colorful take on the current Saturday home version — for Saturday road games in 2019. Whether it adds 5-10 wins to the Birds’ record remains to be seen, but Ozzie didn’t discount any potential upticks in performance down the line.

“We all have some wonderful memories of those blue uniforms…The history, the World Series and all of that, and it makes you look faster,” Smith quipped pointing at Bader. “Doesn’t he look faster?”

Remaining ‘open minded’

While most of Monday’s festivities were clothing-related, president of baseball ops Mozeliak did take a few minutes to answer a few baseball-related questions, including how he would characterize the club’s position in the Bryce Harper sweepstakes.

True to form, Mo was mum.

“I would characterize it as there is a lot of open-mindedness as we enter this offseason and we just want to explore all of our opportunities as we look to put the 2019 club together,” he said. “We’re going to be open-minded on how to make this club better and certainly there’s a long-view and a short-view and we’ll decide which is the best for us.”

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