Brad Hopkins (former Titans All-Pro Lineman), Tom Brady is the NFL’s Old Town Road, and @Marlins’ Steve Irwin Joke

Brad Hopkins (13-year NFL veteran, All-Pro) joins Austin to talk about the Mississippi River, how he loved basketball but was always a bit too aggressive for it, what it meant for him to hear about his former teammates Steve McNair and Eddie George getting their numbers retired by the Titans, whether or not Super Bowl XXXIV was the toughest loss of his career, getting shouted out at the end of the movie ‘Cast Away,’ who was the hardest player to block, if the Pittsburgh Steelers were his least favorite team, who was his favorite RANDOM quarterback he played with, if it was hard for him to block for Eddie George because he was a Buckeye, his son Brycen being one of the best tight ends in college football, whether or not he could be a Titan, and Brad shares his best Steve McNair story (interview starts at 5:50).

Plus, you’ve probably heard every take about Tom Brady… every take except this one. Austin goes peak-millennial and explains how Tom Brady is the ‘Old Town Road’ of the NFL (43:16).

Also, Austin gets into the Miami Marlins’ tweet that made light of Steve Irwin being killed by a sting ray (52:24).

And finally, of course, Austin ends with some Shout-Outs. This week they’re going to Jim Rome, Microsoft PowerPoint (kinda), Kid Cudi, Tyler C., and the color purple.