Chris Rongey (101 ESPN), Weekday Weddings Are The Worst, and Shout-Outs

Chris Rongey (host of The Fast Lane on 101 ESPN) joins Austin to talk about being the hated guy on his show, former Ram Kevin Greene, the greatest high school assembly he ever attended, Michelob Ultras, drinking Truly’s at Korn concerts, attending the Backstreet Boys concert together, Tommy Pham thanking himself, and more (interview starts at 4:17).

Plus, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married on a Monday. Yes, you read that right. A Monday. So Austin shares his take on why weekday weddings are the worst! (39:03)

And, of course, can’t end the show without some SHOUT-OUTS with some this week going to Nationals fans, Baker Mayfield and Richard Sherman, Ellen, and a guy Austin saw in a public bathroom this week (46:32).

And this week there’s a special close to the show.