Dave Barnes (singer/songwriter), Antonio Brown Is A Real Housewife, and The R.M.S. Tennessee Titanic

Dave Barnes (singer/songwriter and sometimes stand-up comedian) joins Austin to talk about soccer… kinda, a deep dive into Kenny Loggins, meeting Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan and the Men in Blazers on the same night, his new single Dreaming in Electric Blue, watching the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers, playing music in Ben Roethlisberger’s wedding, working at TCBY, where did all the TCBY’s go, being referenced in John Crist’s latest video, and who his doppelganger is (interview starts at 5:10).

Plus, Austin has a take on Antonio Brown and why he’s a Real Housewife, and Austin brings on his best friend Jeff Venable, a professional director, to break down Antonio Browns’ Jon Gruden phone call video (38:13).

Also, Austin shares a take about why the Tennessee Vols are the Cleveland Browns of college football and explains why Jeremy Pruitt’s Titanic analogy was just a little bit off. And it’s probably not why you think (1:10:01).

And, of course, the show can’t end without some Shout-Outs. This week Austin has some going to ties, Cam Newton, Montana Tech’s head football coach, Alex Rodriguez, and many more.

Shout-outs (1:22:04)