Gauntlet of Guests IV

Jason and Brennan bring you another edition of the Gauntlet of Guests on this week’s Down Goes Frazier!

Bellator’s Michael Chandler joined the show in-studio to talk about fighting in his home town on April 13th for the Bellator event at the Family Arena. They also talked about the growth of STL as an MMA market and if this is the biggest fight of his careeer.

ROH’s Kelly Klein joined the show to talk about how important it is for her to be the first WOH Champion, the current state of women’s wrestling and what it was like when she first got started to where it is now, the experience of working in Japan, and what sets the WOH roster apart.

Glory Pro co-owner Danny Adams joined the show to talk about Glory Pro’s one-year Anniversary Show, balancing out his responsibilities as a co-owner and an active talent, and what fans should look forward to seeing at the big event.

‘SLAM! Wrestling’ journalist Kari Williams joined the show to talk about her CrossFit article featuring Seth Rollins, her thoughts on the state of women’s wrestling and the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, and who is still on her bucket list for interviews.

Local pro wrestler Matt Fitchett joined the show to talk about being featured on Smackdown Live against the Bludgeon Brothers, the experience of being backstage, what it was like to not tag with Davey Vega, and when we will see him and Vega next.

Mike “The Truth” Jackson joined the show to address rumors regarding a fight between him and CM Punk. They also talked a bit about Ronda Rousey’s jump from MMA to WWE and why a young developing UFC women’s division could have forced her hand.

Jason and Brennan wrap up the show with the Fast Five and Brennan’s Parting Shot.