Greg Amsinger (MLB Network), Best Manager-Umpire Rants, Chandelier Love, and A Recap of The Bachelorette

Greg Amsinger (MLB Tonight on MLB Network) joins Austin to talk about middle names, why he’s not on Twitter (or any social media, for that matter – Austin reads him some mean tweets), on why he and his co-hosts don’t talk directly to the camera on their show, if he picked up on the fact that Jimmy Fallon had players at the All-Star Game slip in certain phrases into their interview answers, how he gets away wearing a suit in the heat, why Yankees manager Aaron Boone was suspended one game for his umpire tirade, who is the most marketable player on the St. Louis Cardinals right now, and who has the best mascot in baseball (interview starts at 3:50).

Plus, Austin shares his takes on the greatest manager-umpire arguments of all time including Aaron Boone’s most recent “MY GUYS ARE BLEEPING SAVAGES IN THE BOX” rant (40:13), and he gives a take on a couple of news stories that prove true love DOES exist, including a woman who is in love with chandeliers. You read that correctly (53:45).

Also, Katy Dail (@thenonblogger) drops in to recap the Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette. Is it all about Luke P.? Apparently. Plus… John Paul Jones and what color is the Libertarian party?? (1:08:00)

And finally, Austin ends the show with some Shout-Outs, with some going to LeBron James, Buzz Aldrin, Renata from Big Little Lies, and much more (1:49:52).