Joe Posnanski (The Athletic,, Marrying 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghosts, and The Knicks Owner Is Bad At Music

Joe Posnanski (The Athletic and joins Austin to talk about Mark McGwire being taken off the Today’s Era Hall of Fame Ballot, if steroid guys will and should ever get into the Hall of Fame, what he thinks of Patrick Mahomes and this year’s Chiefs team, how he got into sports writing by chance, what we can expect from the book he’s currently writing about Harry Houdini, his former love of Diet Coke, and why the Browns helmets are orange. Plus, Austin shares some heartbreaking news of the divorce between a 46-year-old Irish woman and her 300-year-old pirate ghost husband, and gives his thoughts on Knicks owner James Dolan playing his guitar on team flights after losses.