Matt “Money” Smith (Voice of the L.A. Chargers), Napping with Stephen A. Smith, and A Game of Thrones Game

Matt “Money” Smith (Voice of the L.A. Chargers and CBS’s The Million Dollar Mile) joins Austin to talk where he got his “Money” nickname, how the L.A. Chargers have built a fan base in a market they used to be hated in, whether or not the Chargers Twitter account has gotten some P.F. Changs yet, how much is executive producer LeBron James really involved in The Million Dollar Mile, and which timezone is the best to live in for sports fans (interview starts at 3:41). Plus, Austin gives a take where he actually agrees with Stephen A. Smith on a take about naps… and Joel Embiid (33:20). And Kyle Ayers (Never Seen It podcast) joins to quiz Austin on the crests of the houses in Game of Thrones… even though Austin has never seen an episode (40:28). And Austin introduces a drinking game for The Show. #StopTheFadeRoute