Michael Chandler (MMA Fighter), The Chicago Bears Are Really Bad, & Power Rankings of Sports Twitters

Michael Chandler (3x Bellator Lightweight World Champion) joins Austin to talk about his up coming fight in Tokyo, Japan on December 28th against Benson Henderson, his diet, his current training regimen, what it feels like the morning AFTER a fight, what the anticipation is like leading up to a fight, how Mizzou has produced multiple successful MMA fighters, if he trash talks, going up against trash talkers, if he watches other MMA fights or tries to avoid it before his own fight, if there’s an employee discount for pay-per-view matches, if he ever got into a fight outside of the octagon, what movie character he would most like to fight, and much more (interview starts at 5:39).

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Plus, Austin welcomes on his hilarious high school best friend and die-hard Bears fan Garrett Walker on to talk about just how bad the Chicago Bears have been. Garrett isn’t sarcastic at all. Also, that last sentence is oozing sarcasm (35:26).

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And of course, can’t end the show without some SHOUT-OUTS, with some this week going to Kevin Harlan, eye tests, Chargers haters, Baker Mayfield, Taco Bell and much more (58:40).