Moon (Story of the Year, The Rizzuto Show), John Manziel’s Name Change, and LeBron Can’t Recruit Anyone For Space Jam 2

Moon (former Story of the Year vocalist and guitarist, currently with Greek Fire, co-host of The Rizzuto Show) joins Austin to talk about whether the 90’s are the best decade ever, dealing with people from high school after becoming successful, growing up in St. Louis and the support the city has for it’s own people, how the rise of his band Story of the Year came simultaneously with the rise of MP3’s and how that affected things, how his band turned down putting their music in Spiderman movie, why bands worry so much about “selling out,” and he also talks about his transition from music to radio, and what his favorite thing about working in radio is (interview starts at 3:34). Plus, Austin shares his take on Johnny Manziel officially going by John now apparently (1:04:48), why LeBron can’t recruit anyone to join him on the cast of Space Jam 2 (1:09:54), and is the reliance on technology in sports a good thing? (1:18:43)