Seeing Red: A New St. Louis Cardinals Podcast featuring Bernie Miklasz and Will Leitch

Will Leitch and Bernie Miklasz have decided to co-op on a new St. Louis Cardinals podcast called “Seeing Red”

0:00-3:30 They discuss how they picked the name of the podcast and give and explanation on the double meaning it has

3:30-5:30 Will Leitch explains who he is and his Cardinals fandom

5:30-10:30 Bernie and Will discuss why they both root for the Cardinals to win but on different platforms

10:30-24:00 The two discuss the Cardinals approach and if fans grasp just how remarkably consistent the team has been

24:00-33:00 Frustrations with Mike Matheny and when he may start feeling the heat from ownership

33:00-41:00 Teasing ahead to what is to come on the Seeing Red podcast including this lineup construction, the rotation, and more.