Stalter & Rivers – December 03, 2019 – Jake Allen’s Good, Moustakas Heads to Cincy & the Seahawks are Trending Upward

10:00AM – Blues & Jake Allen shut out the Blackhawks.

10:15AM – Last night’s game was why people doubt Kirk Cousins.

10:30AM – What does Mike Moustakas’ deal with the Reds mean for Card?

10:45AM – Could Chris Petersen land at Mizzou?

11:00AM – Don’t forget, Jake Allen is good. 

11:15AM – Are the Seahawks a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

11:30AM – With Alabama likely out, will this get the NCAA to expand the CFP?

11:45AM – How disappointed would you be if the Cards largely brought back the same team? 

12:00PM – Again, Jake Allen is Good

12:15PM – Predicting the NFL’s Playoff Race

12:30PM – Is Chris Petersen an option for Mizzou? 

12:45PM – The Junk Drawer

1:00PM – Jeremy Rutherford (The Athletic) joins Stalter & Rivers to talk all things Blues hockey.

1:15PM – How many NFL teams can legitimately win the Super Bowl this year? 

1:30PM – Is Nick Saban’s era of dominance over?

1:45PM – Crossover