Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes), Bleacher Report’s Random Pic, OJ Simpson’s Birthday Message, and A Recap of The Bachelorette

Steve Gorman (drummer of The Black Crowes) joins Austin to talk about how the NBA comparative to horror movies, what we can expect from his new book about The Black Crowes, what made his sports talk radio show (Steve Gorman SPORTS!) so great, Ringo Starr’s impact on The Beatles, his own impact on The Black Crowes, what makes a band great and how much luck plays into it, who would play him in the Hard To Handle movie, the USWNT winning the World Cup, where he was for the O.J. police chase, and what he thought about the movie Yesterday (interview starts at 4:50).

Plus, Austin shares his take on the random photo collage that Bleacher Report tweeted after the U.S. Women’s National Team won the World Cup (59:59), and Austin gives a breakdown of O.J. Simpson’s birthday video that he made for himself (1:05:33).

Also, Katy Dail (@thenonblogger) joins to breakdown this week’s episode of The Bachelorette… HOMETOWNS! Of course Tyler C.’s hometown is perfect (1:11:15).

And the show ends with some Shout-Outs… with some going to the late, great Jared Lorenzen, the late Ross Perot, Tiger Woods, the National Anthem, Rose Lavelle, the late Steve McNair and much more (1:45:35).