Tony Barnhart (SEC Network), Shaq Was Killed By Damian Lillard, and Shout-Outs

Tony Barnhart, aka Mr. College Football (SEC Network) joins Austin to talk about swimming. SIKE! He talks college football. More specifically: about the new bill that was signed in California which allows student-athletes to benefit monetarily for their likenesses, what that means moving forward, if bigger schools and markets will only have an even greater advantage now, what’s wrong with Chip Kelly and UCLA, whats the greatest college football game he’s ever seen, if he’s still taking the field between: Alabama, Clemson, and the field, what he expects from Mizzou-Georgia later this year, what is wrong with Tennessee football, if Jeremy Pruitt will be fired soon, how much pull Peyton Manning has in Knoxville, if Phillip Fulmer will be the next head coach, how much longer Jim Harbaugh has at Michigan, and what’s the best place to eat in Atlanta (interview starts at 2:52).

Plus, Austin has a take on the death of Shaquille O’Neal. He was murdered in cold-blood by Damian Lillard in the rap battle that absolutely nobody asked for. Austin breaks down the beef, and explains why Dame is better (35:26).

And of course, can’t end the show without some SHOUT-OUTS, with some going to Andy Reid, Gardner Flint Minshew II, baseball and knitters, the NHL, and more (45:30).