101 ESPN “Grilling At Home” – Randy Karraker

Hey! Randy Karraker here! You know the entire 101 ESPN crew love sports … but we also love to grill! And we just launched a new video series called “Grilling At Home” and yours truly is the host of the very first episode.

BT’s Mailbag: Answers on the MLB DH, Carlos, & More

Every Monday here – check out the latest round of “BT’s Mailbag!” Each week Brad Thompson will be tacking a handful of listener questions! Got a question to ask BT? Drop your question into the mailbag … https://www.101espn.com/bts-mailbag/

101 ESPN Still Quarantined

101 ESPN is still quarantined, and still on the air in a world with no sports. But things have taken an “extreme” turn around the office