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Friday, May 26th

Max joins “The Opening Drive” to get into Saturday’s matchup between CITY & Vancouver, if the Whitecaps recent change of play to a hectic style shows the league making a change, why CITY can’t sit back because of Vancouver’s poor away record, why the battle of “stories” could make the matchup interesting, the Vancouver pairing that could cause CITY some problems, why these teams having similar styles makes turns the possession battle on its head, how the Klauss-less offense needs to continue giving CITY some confidence, his excitement in getting to see CITYPARK atmosphere first-hand for the first time and importance that Blom’s play in the midfield will be against a transition-heavy style on Saturday.

Monday, May 22nd

Bürki joined Carey, Randy & Brooke on the heels of a win and clean sheet for CITY & Roman to talk about the excitement in getting back into the winning column, the energy he gets from shutting a team out, if the rivalry added some extra flair to the win, how important the return of Blom has been for the team and what it means to get a “Victory Sunday’ day-off

Friday, May 12th

Coach Carnell joined the show for #ControlleChaos to talk about how things are different leading up to this game after playing Chicago just 4 days before, why he’s still confident in the overall progression of the attack after the last few games, why the finishing has been such a problem, the injury report going into tomorrow’s game & how things are changing with the schedule as mid-week games became more common/p>

Friday, May 5th

MLS Season Pass analyst Ross Smith joined “The Opening Drive” to break down CITY’s upcoming matchup against Dallas FC, why the big question for CITY is what they’re going to do up top, why he thought Niko struggled in that role this past game and why control and energy are the key to the next few games for CITY

Friday, April 28th

Danny joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about his reaction to the strong start from CITY, why he thinks CITY actually gets an advantage over the rest of the league with the hardcore style they play, why the start from CITY is going to become the blueprint for any new teams, what the injury for Klauss could mean going forward and his expectations for Saturday’s rematch between CITY & the Portland Timbers

Tuesday, April 25th

Lutz joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about the draw from over the weekend, what he took from Burki’s response about the defense late in the game, how Klauss’ injury changes things, why depth is so important and why the Open Cup is an important opportunity for the rest of the players in the system

Tuesday, April 22nd

Marcelo joins Carey, Randy & Brooke to talk about the recent struggles with Colorado and what has caused the poor start for the Rapids season, why Marcelo is just as (if not more) impressed with CITY’s early off-field success as their on-field success, why tornados are interesting to go outside and watch and how the altitude will affect this matchup and how he thinks CITY matches up against the Rapids for tomorrow night

Monday, April 17th

Niko joined Carey, Randy & Brooke to talk about what the team did during that long delay before the game, what went into their dominating win, how this team worked through back-to-back loses to come together for this performance, the build-up to his goal from Nelson and how they can continue to build on this start going forward

Friday, April 14th

MLS Season Pass Host/Analyst Andrew Wiebe joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about his response to CITY’s initial hot start, what he’s seen in the last two loses that has been different from the first five wins and what he expects to see from the matchup versus Cincinnati

Tuesday, April 4th

Coach Carnell joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about the growth of the team across the 12 weeks since training began, how teams are already treating them differently, finding more ways to succeed and win, a winning mentality being contagious, the importance of playing with courage, and more

Friday, March 31st

Matt Sebek, the Chief Experience Officer for St. Louis City SC, joins the Opening Drive and discusses the atmosphere at CITYPARK and what makes St. Louis City SC matches so unique to be a part of, and the great food at City matches (including toasted ravs)

Monday, March 27th

Roman joined the show for the first edition of CONTROLLED CHAOS to talk about another clean sheet for him and CITY, which players from the defense impressed him the most over the weekend, if he notices how CITY’s style affects other teams, the battle for CITY’s MOTM after a tough vote this past weekend and if the fans and chants help him stay pumped up during the different parts of the game

Monday, March 20th

Jake joined Carey, Randy & Brooke to talk about another big win for CITY, what it felt like to make MLS history with the win, how it felt to help get Burki his (and CITY’s) first clean sheet, what it means to hear Carnell champion the outside backs play, why he enjoys playing such a demanding style, how he feels about the nicknames and chants going around and getting ready for a tough match in the elevation of Salt Lake City

Monday, March 13th

Roman joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about another huge win for CITY, the hectic play style in front of him, how important getting that first clean sheet is for him, the play of young players like Hiebert & Miguel Perez, the special mindset of this team as an expansion side and getting ready for another home match and going for history this weekend versus San Jose

Friday, March 10th

Eduard (or Edu as we know him now!) joined ‘The Opening Drive’ to talk about the incredible atmosphere from CITY’s home opener, what makes their style so special, why it’s hard to play and hard to play against, what it’s been like finding his home in St. Louis and his excitement to keep the run going against Portland.

Monday, March 6th

Lutz joined Carey & Brooke to talk about the excitement from Saturday’s win, the incredible amount of noise and atmosphere that was created by the STL fans, successfully bringing his planned system from an idea to something real on the pitch and the excitement ramping up as they travel to face Portland this weekend

Monday, February 27th

Jared joins Carey & Randy to talk about the big win on Saturday, how they felt to get that first goal from Parker, the benefits of the style they played and wearing down Austin, the scouting report that Jared brought to CITY about Austin’s style, their excitement for the home opener on Saturday and rolling through this season with a “why not us” mentality

Thursday, February 23rd

Tim joined Carey & Randy (on his birthday) to talk about his excitement to get started with a team in their first ever game, how helpful his familiarity with Bradley Carnell can be, how taxing the pressing style can be on the back line, why he’s a big fan of that style despite the high-level of responsibility, why the MLS’s chaos makes the league so interesting, if the New York kid has dove into STL-style pizza yet and what makes CITYPARK such a special venue

Monday, February 20th

Carolyn Kindle Betz joined the show for a special President’s Day interview with CEO & President STL CIT SC to talk about a start to a huge week, her excitement for showing off everyone’s hard work this weekend, her favorite color having SOME impact on the kits and her anticipation for the first ever game and the first ever home game