The Opening Drive

A special *Thursday* with Adam Wainwright

Waino joins Randy & Michelle to talk about the need to savor the special moments during this season, the dugouts reaction whenever Pujols goes up to bat, the Arenado play to Goldy being the favorite play Waino has ever seen, if great games from fellow pitchers like Jordan push him on his next start, his thoughts on Montgomery as both a pitcher and a person, his thoughts on the new schedule construction, some real thoughts on how division games are different than other games, why he’s not sure about the origins of the pepper-grinder but why he’s positive it involved Lars Nootbar, if Waino likes working/pitching every year during his birthday, his total lack of fear of Karraker & Smallmon in fantasy football this season, the only player who trash talks as much as Waino in fantasy, getting caught up in the Yadi/Albert “hoopla”, why he’s not saying goodbye from those guys just yet, his belief that Yadi is about to get hot and what’s coming up next with Big League Impact.

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