Balloon Party with Tim McKernan

Balloon Party with Tim McKernan – February 9th, 2023

10:00 – A very special episode of Balloon Party. We deep dive into some stories and situations that could have completely transformed the St. Louis Sports Landscape over the past 40 years. Featuring audio from first-hand sources, including former football Cardinal and broadcaster Dan Dierdorf, former St. Louis County Executive Gene McNary, and former St. Louis City Mayor Vince Schoemehl.

10:15 – Dan Dierdorf’s and Gene McNary’s explanation of what led to the football Cardinals leaving St. Louis and what could have been done to keep them in town.

10:30 – Vince Schoemehl audio on when he knew the Cardinals would leave and how the city almost got the New England Patriots

10:45 – Gene McNary and Vince Schoemehl audio of the San Antonio Spurs almost coming to St. Louis

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