BK & Ferrario

BK & Ferrario – August 31st, 2023

00:00 – That was the first time that we saw Walker and Winn take over a game and it makes you dream about the future.

11:46 – Are the Blues in a better place now than last year with their internal competition.

24:21 – What should expectations be for Mizzou this season?

34:42 – Questions and Answers

43:04 – How far behind the Braves are the Cardinals?

57:39 – What can Parayko do to get back into fans good gracious?

1:06:59 – The waiver claims are in…and the Cardinals didn’t make one. Why?

1:18:37 – The Junk Drawer

1:26:11 – Can the Cardinals build a rotation like the Brewers this offseason?

1:41:40 – Believe it or Not

1:53:33 – NFL Quick Hitters

2:04:54 – BK & Ferrario Rewind

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