BK & Ferrario

BK & Ferrario – June 30th, 2023

11:00 – Last night was the first time we wondered what the future would hold for Waino.

11:15 – Can Tommy Edman be the Cardinals’ Center Fielder of the future?

11:30 – Will anything be different about the Blues roster when we talk next?

11:45 – Ask Us Anything

12:00 – The biggest difference between the Blues & Cardinals is their handling of legacy players.

12:30 – The biggest need for the Cardinals this offseason is a complete overhaul of the rotation.

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

1:00 – The Blues got screwed on their Blue Line by this cap crunch, and they’re far from alone.

1:15 – Last night was a good moment in a bad situation for Oli Marmol.

1:30 – One Gotta Go

1:45 – BK & Ferrario Rewind

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