BK & Ferrario

BK & Ferrario – November 16th, 2023

– Can the A’s thrive in Las Vegas?

– What would be the reaction in St. Louis if the cubs signed Shohei Ohtani?

– Is tonight’s game going to determine the AFC North?

– Do Bowl games matter anymore?

– Blake Snell has a mindset that might not age well, but it might be worth it for the Cardinals.

– Is Eli Drinkwitz deserving of winning the National Coach of the Year?

– Blues analyst Joey Vitale

– Questions and Answers

– Cardinals choose your own adventure: Rotation Questions Cease to Exist

– NFL Quick Hitters

– Alex says there are two reasons why the Blues won’t fall into a sharks style rebuild.

– The Junk Drawer

– MLB Free Agency Roundupppp

– Does the Travis Sanheim renaissance give you confidence in Army to find the next big piece?

– Believe it or not

– BK & Ferrario Rewind

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