The Opening Drive

Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Claiborne

Mike Claiborne in studio to cover a wide range of topics from the greatest athletes he and Randy have ever seen, why Roy Green would’ve been special anytime and anywhere, where the future of baseball is for kids–especially young African-American kids, and how Claibs thinks the incredible alumni base in town is the key, where the Cardinals offseason could lead them, Carlson being the OF that will still factor in the most to the Cardinals future, how the new rules will affect the Cardinals pitching staff, the variable of Jack Flaherty and how it could shift expectations, the status of Mizzou as a football program, if the quarterback spot is the real problem or if there’s a deeper issue, the one thing that stands out to him in almost 40 years of broadcasting (Muhammad Ali, Dr. J, Booby Orr–just to name a few), the few people or players who actually made him feel star-struck and why retirement isn’t in the cards just yet.

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