The Opening Drive

Cardinals President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak

Mo joins Randy & Carey a few hours before the Cardinals get underway to talk about the thought process behind starting Quintana in Game 1, whether or not Jordan Walker was ever in the cards to come up late for the team, the offense underwhelming at times, the challenging construction of the roster despite the impressive play on the field, the status of Tyler O’Neill for a next potential round, trying to take it all in with Yadi & Pujols on their last run, not expecting Pujols to take it to THIS level–but also remembering never to doubt one of the GOATs, why Quintana was a perfect fit at the trade deadline, the deal for Montgomery being a different build but the control & skill being such a positive, not being able to see around every corner during the season but always finding a way to be successful, knowing you can’t make everyone happy and some parting words of wisdom for our own Carey Davis.

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