The Opening Drive

Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas

Bob Costas talks professional basketball in St. Louis, including his thoughts on the unrealized potential of Marvin Barnes, outplaying Moses Malone & Julius Erving, his favorite and most famous Barnes story, trying to figure out the best comparison for Barnes on the basketball court–and why it’s so hard to find that comparison, the extended version of the story when Marvin showed up to a game late, starting his career in the hockey league that “Slap Shot” is based on, the Silna brothers willing to trade all the money for a chance to be owners, how they were able to get the 1/7th clause–in perpetuity–added to their deal with the NBA, the time that Bob was LATE to call a game and the incredible reactions from the Spirit’s Marvin Barnes & KMOX’s Bob Hyland and what could’ve been with the ABA and the Spirits.

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