The Opening Drive

June 12, 2020 – Hour 1

7:00 Alex Cora tells ESPN that the Astros cheating scandal was far from a two-man job. Uhhhh, ya think? Randy and Michelle discuss the disgraced former manager’s first public comments since being fired by the Reds Sox…7:15 Randy and Michelle the magic of June 12th, 2019 – the day the St. Louis Blues won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history…7:30 Jim Riggleman was the manager of the Cubs in 1998. He had a front row seat for Sammy Sosa’s 66 home runs that summer. He joins Randy and Michelle as we continue to get ready for Sunday’s premiere of “Long Gone Summer”…7:45 “TAKE IT or LEAVE IT” – An author spent a month straight of 10+ hour days teaching herself how to play poker, and ended up recently winning an $80,000 tournament.

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