The Opening Drive

Karraker and Smallmon – December 21st, 2020 – The NHL is back! Ryan O’Reilly will be the Blues captain. Plus, Mike Schildt seems optimistic that Yadi will be back.

7:00- The NHL is back!
7:15- NFL Four Downs
7:30- Schildt is optimistic that Yadi will be be back but should he be?
7:45- TIOLI
8:00- Fresh Take: Did mizzou’s loss cost Drinkwitz and chance at coach of the year?
8:15- ESPN’s Kevin Siefert on if Tom Brady can get the Bucs to the Super Bowl.
8:30- The Fight
8:45- The voice of the Blues Chris Kerber on the NHL’s return. Plus Ryan O’Reilly was the right choice for the C.
9:00- Today’s Big Thing: The NHL makes it’s return and Ryan O’Reilly is the perfect pick to be the Captain
9:15- What rule change was the best for the MLB and which was the worst
9:30- A look back at 2011
9:45- NFL News and Notes

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