The Opening Drive

Karraker and Smallmon – January 8th, 2021 – How does the Lindor trade impact the NL?

7:00- Finally something big happened in the MLB!
7:15- Peek and Pit
7:30- Jay Delsing joins the show
7:45- TIOLI
8:00- Pro Football Weekly’s Hub Arkush on if the Bears have a chance to take down the Saints
8:15- Fresh Take: What is Deshaun Watson’s future?
8:30- The Fight
8:45- Should we be concerned that Waino was mentioned in a lawsuit dealing with pitchers and a foreign substance?
9:00- Today’s Big Thing: How does the Lindor trade impact the MLB?
9:15- Blues analyst Joey Vitale on his biggest takeaways from the Blues scrimmage.
9:30- NFL Wild Card weekend predictions
9:45- The Crossover with Danny Mac

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