The Opening Drive

Karraker & Smallmon – April 28th, 2022

7:00 – RUMMMMBLLLEEEEEEEEE! Cardinals win 10-5over the Mets but we know the real story from yesterday’s game…

7:15 – Sick of it!: Deebo being a little bit of a hypocrite, Ben Simmons story just doesn’t want to end

7:30 – Greg Amsinger on the Mets-Cardinals brawl, Schowalter changing the Mets culture & the issue with pitching in MLB right now

7:45 – TIOLI: Cardinals will be a playoff team, Mets might be pond scum again, getting read for the Blues playoffs

8:00 – Fresh Take: Four Downs NFL Draft edition

8:15 – John Kelly on the magic of Hamm in the booth, his payoffs x-factor & the strength of the Blues as a 4-line team

8:30 – David Perron joins for his final time of the season to talk about the playoffs, the importance of home ice & extra fire from missing last year

8:45 – The Fight

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: Time for “Our” draft: Which five (plus 1) Cardinals do you want on your side in a brawl?

9:20 – Super Bowl Champion Carey David joins the show in studio for the final three segments to break down the NFL Draft, his expectation for Jameson Williams tonight, the strength of WR classes lately, Deebo’s trade demands, a quick NFL power rankings & the shock of Travon Walker making the jump to #1

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