The Opening Drive

Karraker & Smallmon – April 21st, 2022

7:00 – Cards get a late win against Miami and the St. Louis boy JT steps up late in the playoffs for Celtics

7:15 – Greg Amsinger on golfing with Cliff Lloyd, the too-early MVP discussions around Arenado & if the Angels can keep this up

7:30 – Sick of it! No seriously how is the weather still this bad? And when are we going to get an NBA team to talk about for real?

7:45 – TIOLI: Drake walks off on HIS team and the Red Wings have to get a new Zamboni driver…

8:00 – Fresh Take: Theo Epstein is trying to fix the game of baseball from one of the highest perches…what’s his plan?

8:15 – John Kelly breaks down the last stretch for the Blues, Binnington bouncing back & the changeup in the defense

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – The Cardinals are currently on a 113-win pace, the 2nd best in MLB, have your expectations for ’22 changed?

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: Greg Amsinger has no issue with it…time to talk about the 2022 NL MVP Nolan Arenado

9:15 – Jeremy Rutherford on Taraseko’s revitalization, the Blues not worrying about home ice & the potential for a Tkachuk

9:30 – You’re killing me, Smalls! Joel Embiid with a huge game-winner in OT, Deebo Samuel wants out of San Francisco

9:45 – What’s on tap?

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