The Opening Drive

Karraker & Smallmon – July 20th, 2020 – It’s Opening Week! How close is the NL Central?

7:00 – Opening Week! Cardinals Baseball returns Friday, is your excitement level higher/lower than normal?
7:15 – Cardinals answer a few questions this weekend: Alex Reyes and Gallegos are here. What’s their impact going to be immediately, though?
7:30 – Who’re (or what) you paying the most attention to with the Blues?
7:45 – TIOLI
8:00 – Fresh Take – The NFL expected Corona Virus to fade out, didn’t plan OR Could the Cardinals have the MVP version of Carpenter this year?
8:15 – Chris Kerber
8:30 – Fight
8:45 – projections see the NL Central having 4 teams decided by 1 game (Cards 4th). Do you expect that close of a finish?
9:00 – Today’s big thing – Canada denies Blue Jays baseball at Rogers Centre or The NFL players speak out against the safety protocols
9:15 – You’re killing me Smalls
9:30 – Danny Mac
9:45 – Crossover w/ Danny Mac

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