The Opening Drive

Karraker & Smallmon – May 18th, 2022

7:00 – Getting into a split day for the cards a heart0breaking OT loss for the blues in G1 vs. the Avs

7:15 – Ask Uncle Randy! New jobs, life questions, and trying to deal with humans on a daily basis..

7:30 – Binnington was the only reason that was a game last night, do the Blues have the adjustments to steal one in G2?

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – St. Louis lets their thoughts from a tough G1 loss be heard through texts and the Rhino Shield mic drops

8:15 – ESPN’s Emily Kaplan talks about her story on Binnington, the Blues-Avs series going forward and the big stories from the rest of the NHL playoffs

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Jamal Mayers on how the Blues can slow down a quick Avs team, the importance of holding up play in the neutral zone

9:00 – The fans are taking this loss in a completely reasonably stride…well, most of them

9:15 – Adam Wainwright joins for another edition of “Wednesdays with Waino” talking about BLI, Randy making the Blues loss, breaking the battery wins record and the Cardinal player to watch out for going forward

9:40 – NHL Network’s Billy Jaffe breaks down the Blues-Avs Game 1 and how the Blues adjust to matchup with the Avs speed in G2

9:50 – You’re killing me, Smalls!: You’re killing US, Randy!

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