The Opening Drive

Karraker & Smallmon – November 16th, 2020 – What’re the pros/cons for Yadi to stay in St. Louis?

7:00 – No late heroics at Augusta, but Randy had the winner! / What does it say about how the Cardinals view Knizner after making another C signing?
7:15 – 4 Downs
7:30 – Dan Wetzel – Yahoo Sports columnist
7:45 – TIOLI
8:00 – Fresh Take: What’re the Pros/Cons for Yadi going to the Yankees/Staying with the
8:15 – Chris Kerber – Blues play-by-play Broadcaster for 101 ESPN
8:30 – The Fight
8:45 – If you’re starting a franchise and want a QB in
the NFL (besides Mahomes) then who do you want?
9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: How has the odd CFB schedule affected teams?
9:15 – You’re Killing Me Smalls
9:30 – Mark Saxon – Cardinals beat writer for The Athletic
9:45 – What’s the best
story going in the NFL right now?
10:00: The Marlins name Kim Ng their new GM, Ng is the first women’s GM in MLB
10:15: How will the CFP be
affected if it gets delayed?
10:30: Why should Yadi stay with the Cardinals and not go somewhere else?
10:45: Crossover w/ Rivs & BK

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