The Opening Drive

Karraker & Smallmon – November 30th, 2020 – Are the Cardinals the best fit for Yadi? Plus, we remember the great Cardinals football coach Jim Hanifan.

7:00 – Yadi has 4 other teams interested in him. Are the Cardinals the best fit? Plus, Waino’s future seems uncertain.
7:15 – We remember former Cardinals football coach Jim Hanifan.
7:30 – NFL Four Downs: The Giants are the best in the NFC East.
7:45 – TIOLI
8:00 – Fresh Take: Can Yadi shift the balance of power wherever he decides to go? Plus, Sarah Fuller’s historic debut for Vanderbilt
8:15 – The voice of the Blues Chris Kerber on if a January, 1st start date for the NHL is still realistic.
8:30 – The Fight
8:45 – Missouri dominates Vanderbilt, so how bright is the future for Missouri football?
9:00 – Pro Football Hall of Famer and former St. Louis Cardinal offensive lineman Dan Dierdorf tells some of his favorite stories of the great Jim Hanifan.
9:15 – Today’s Big Thing: How hard should the Cardinals try to keep Yadi?
9:30 – NFL Network Reporter Steve Wyche on who would win if the Steeler and the Chiefs were to face off.
9:45 – Crossover w/ Danny Mac

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