The Opening Drive

May 12, 2020 – Hour 1

7:00 MLB Owners put together a return-to-play plan for the MLBPA that recommended a 50-50 revenue share, and the players were not having it. Randy and Michelle give their thoughts on what appears to be “round 1” of a negotiation period between the owners and players association…7:15 If the battle for baseball’s return comes down to dollars-and-cents, who comes out looking like the bad guy – the players or owners? Randy and Michelle give their opinion, and we hear from our listeners on who they would put more of the blame on…7:30 Adnan Virk, DAZN & MLB Network, joins Randy and Michelle to talk about the latest news with baseball, what movies he’s been watching during the quarantine, and much more…7:45 “TAKE IT or LEAVE IT” – TIOLI moves from “The Fast Lane” to the mornings! TIOLI IS BACK!

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