The Opening Drive

Mizzou Football HC Eli Drinkwitz

Coach Drink joins Carey & Randy to talk about the Mizzou matchup in the Gasparilla, his excitement for getting to play in Tampa, his comments on last week’s report on the potential Kansas matchup, his thoughts on the in-state recruitment so far, how the changes in the recruiting game have shifted the plan for Mizzou over the year, the usual recruiting class going from 25 freshman to a lot more transfers, questioning what the model could be for CFB & Mizzou going forward, the concerns on fielding a full team because of potential pro players & the transfer portal, the portal being all about finding the right team and getting players to buy-in, the improvements Mizzou needs to make between this year and next season and the domination by Georgia across the rest of their schedule changes how he sees that game.

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