The Opening Drive

MLB Network lead host Greg Amsinger *in studio*

Greg joins us in studio (WITH HIS HAIR ALL THE WAY OUT) to talk about why 2023 is going to be one of the most historic and special seasons in MLB history, his advocacy for the pitch-timer, how the hitters are going to react to the timer in addition to the pitchers, how it will lead to certain pitchers being re-prioritized in a new context, the effect that more running and stealing will have on hitters at the plate, every teams need to build a team with 2 base stealers, why the future of the MLB will be dictated by the ball/strike challenge a few years in the future, why he believes the adjustments are helping the game, why he still has confidence that a fully healthy Tyler O’Neill is a possible 40-40 player and is the most physically talented hitter the Cardinals have, and why O’Neill and the Cardinals most-talented pitcher Jack Flaherty missing from 2022 can’t be overlooked, his assessment of Jordan Walker, why he still thinks Walker will be held back because of control despite the new compensation system, his predication for the Cardinals starting OF in October 2023, if the Cardinals would be prepared to give Walker the contract he might earned 4-5 years down the line, his thoughts on the Cardinals financial details discussed over the weekend, and him doubling down in person on Main Street in St. Charles on his Mozeliak-to-the-Hall of Fame prediction.

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