The Opening Drive

Retired MLB Umpire, Co-host of the “5460” podcast, Joe West

“Cowboy” Joe West joins Randy & Michelle for the full hour to talk about the difficulties of travel in baseball even for the umpires, the origin story of his umpiring career, his favorite memory from throwing out Whitey Herzog, getting attached to the “Cowboy” nickname and becoming friends with Meryl Haggard, why he knew he was going to be a college football player despite his love of baseball, what makes St. Louis different from some other baseball cities, his thoughts on Adam Wainwright taking a shot at taking a shot with his own music, getting to met and befriend George HW Bush and his wife Barbara, what he does and doesn’t like about the new rules and changes in the game, getting to witness a piece of history every day, fans throwing keys to a BMW at a 3B umpire after a bad call and a great story involving Big Papi and an incredible call-back.

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