BK & Ferrario

The Best of BK & Ferrario – August 3rd, 2022

11:00 – Last night we saw the player the Cardinals are betting on.
11:15 – You could tell a difference pretty quickly with Yadi behind the plate.
11:30 – Eno Sarris of the Athletic on the Cardinals acquisitions of Jordan Montgomery and Jose Quintana
11:45 – Questions and Answers
12:00 – The Cardinals deadline was better than what it’s getting credit for.
12:15 – Cardinals insider John Denton
12:30 – The Athletic is once again attacking the Blues’ contracts.
1:00 – The playoff format had a clear consequence at the deadline.
1:15 – More likely to Happen
1:30 – The Cardinals made it clear Jordan Walker & Dylan Carlson are the next franchise icons.
1:45 – BK & Ferrario Rewind

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