BK & Ferrario

The Best of BK & Ferrario – December 15th, 2021 – The Blues capture an important 2 points and Parayko is looking more like himself.

11:00 – Don’t over look it because it’s early in the season but that was a important two points for the Blues
11:15 – Are there any baseball traditions that you want to see changed?
11:30 – That’s the kind of physicality you want to see from the Blues.
11:45 – Questions & Answers
12:00 – Should the Cardinals be making changes to opening day?
12:15 – More Likely to Happen
12:30 – The Blues are playing disciplined hockey and it is leading to good things.
12:45 – The Junk Drawer
1:00 – What are the biggest issues between the owners and the players?
1:15 – The Blues defenseman are starting to become more active offensively
1:30 – Should you be allowed to turn in a blank ballot for the Hall of Fame?
1:45 – The Crossover