BK & Ferrario

The Best of BK & Ferrario – February 5th, 2021 – Should we have concerns about the Cardinals outfield following the Fowler trade?

11:00 – Have the Cardinals helped clarify the outfield log jam by moving Fowler?
11:15- Why is intensity a problem for the Blues?
11:30 – MLB writer for the Athletic Jayson Stark on the Cardinals steal for Nolan Arenado
11:45 – Questions & Answers
12:00 – What’s going on with Sandford and Thomas right now?
12:15- Former MLB GM Jim Bowden on if he could see the Cardinals do anything else this offseason, and why the Fowler trade might be addition by subtraction.
12:30 – Which Cardinals outfielder is now has the most pressure?
12:45 – The Junk Drawer
1:00 – Sports Betting Analyst Jeff Parles on some of his favorite prop bets for the Super Bowl
1:15 – Well… the cardinals just threw a wrench into who could hit leadoff.
1:30 – Our Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford thinks Blues goalie Jordan Binnington has been excellent this season.
1:45 – The Crossover