BK & Ferrario

The Best of BK & Ferrario – July 7th, 2021 – What is the top priority for the Blues in a Vladdy trade & how will the Tarasenko era be remembered?

11:00 – The end has arrived for Vladdy’s time in STL & what is the priority when the Blues are looking at trade options for Tarasenko?
11:15 – The Cardinals need another starter, again & who are the options for the rotation?
11:30 – How do the Blues improve with a flat cap?
11:45 – Questions & Answers
12:00 – is there any scenario in which you consider trading Yadi or Waino?
12:15 – Jesse Rogers, ESPN MLB Insider
12:30 – Would you be interested in this deal for Vladdy & how does a trade impact the protection list?
12:45 – The Junk Drawer
1:00 – How will Vladdy be remembered in St. Louis?
1:15 – Bet It or Forget It
1:30 – The Cards might be nearing a decision point at shortstop & if this season becomes about ’22, who is playing for a spot?
1:45 – The Crossover