BK & Ferrario

The Best of BK & Ferrario – March 10th, 2021 – Is depth a problem for the Cardinals rotation?

11:00- Who takes Mikolas spot in the rotation? Ponce or Gant?
11:15- Is it better to use Reye’s as a starter or a reliever?
11:30- The 20 most important Cardinals: #8 Tyler O’Neill
11:45 – Questions & Answers
12:00 – The Athletics Eno Sarris on the Cardinals rotation now that Mikolas is out.
12:15- BK has a lineup proposal for the Blues
12:30- Does the Dak contract change how other teams approach QB contracts.
12:45 – The Junk Drawer
1:00 – Do the Cardinals have enough to fill out the rotation this year?
1:15 – More Likely to Happen
1:30 – The Voice of the Blues Chris Kerber on the NHL’s new TV deal.
1:45 – The Crossover