BK & Ferrario

The Best of BK & Ferrario – March 22nd, 2021 – What the heck happened to Illinois?

11:00- What the heck happened to Illinois and Mizzou?
11:15- Is Jordan Kyrou finding another Breakout Moment?
11:30- How do the Cardinals keep Nogowski off the final roster?
11:45 –Questions and Answers
12:00 – What’s leading to so many upsets in this years NCAA Tournament?
12:15 – Jeremy Werner of the Illini Inquirer on Illinois’ early exit from the NCAA tournament and where the program goes from here.
12:30 – The Blues only get so many team meeting to figure things out.
12:45 – Junk Drawer
1:00 – Former Yankees Outfielder Nick Swisher says it just feels right that the Cardinals are back in contention for the World Series.
1:15 – In or Out
1:30 – How do the Blues overcome the Sunny Injury?
1:45 – The Crossover