BK & Ferrario

The Best of Rivs & BK – June 24, 2020 – Baseball is back! Now what? Plus, urgency for the Cardinals & MLB makes a puzzling announcement

11:00 – Baseball is back! Now what?

11:15 – The new schedule sets up incredibly well for the Cardinals to take advantage

11:30 – Former NHL defenseman Jason Strudwick explains why the league is giving serious consideration to Edmonton as a hub city

11:45 – Questions & Answers

12:00 – We’re about to see more positive tests from pro athletes, and BK has a question about how athletes will approach the next couple weeks

12:15 – One Gotta Go

12:30 – Does a shortened season put more pressure on the Cardinals getting Dylan Carlson into the opening day lineup?

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

1:00 – Danny Mac says Dylan Carlson’s playing time is among the most intriguing storylines of the Cardinals’ shortened season

1:15 – MLB is speaking out of both sides of its mouth when it comes to health & safety of its players

1:30 – Voice of the Blues Chris Kerber describes what it will look like as he’s calling the games from a monitor while the team plays in the hub city

1:45 – The Crossover