BK & Ferrario

The Best of Rivs & BK – May 28, 2020 – Sports are coming back! Is baseball going to join them? Plus, families in the bubble & the No Fun League

11:00 – August is setting up to be a potentially all-time great sports month

11:15 – MLB players are sick of this bad faith negotiation

11:30 – If/Then Statements

11:45 – Questions & Answers

12:00 – MLB writer Jayson Stark refuses to believe baseball will ‘drive their sport off this cliff’

12:15 – The guys react to Jayson Stark’s realism about baseball’s return & Don Fehr’s comment about not needing to ‘win’ this negotiation

12:30 – Blues analyst Joey Vitale says the postseason format could be a benefit for the Blues

12:45 – Are players going to have their families with them in the bubble?

1:00 – The Junk Drawer

1:15 – MLB owners might not have the same incentive to play the season as we all thought

1:30 – The No Fun League returns

1:45 – The Crossover