BK & Ferrario

The Best of Rivs & BK – November 4th, 2020 –

11:00 – What are the odds the Cardinals could actually make a play for Nolan Arenado this offseason?

11:15 – Colton Parayko sounds like he’s ready to be the Blues’ #1 defenseman

11:30 – MLB Network baseball analyst Mike Petriello thinks Joc Pederson would be a nice fit for the Cardinals

11:45 – Questions & Answers

12:00 – Are any of these mid-tier free agents going to give the Cardinals more than what they expected out of Brad Miller last year?

12:15 – Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford discusses why the Blues are so confident with Colton Parayko taking over as the #1 defenseman

12:30 – What do we definitively know about the 2021 Cardinals?

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

1:00 – Cardinals broadcaster Danny Mac says it would make sense for the Cardinals to look into platooning the outfield next season

1:30 – Voice of the Blues Chris Kerber is ready to see Colton Parayko unleash his shot more often

1:45 – The Crossover