BK & Ferrario

The Best of Rivs & BK – September 23rd, 2020 – Dylan Carlson comes through, agents weigh in on Petro negotiations & where is the Cards' big bat coming from?

11:00 – Dylan Carlson is the spark this team needed

11:15 – NHL agents are teeing off on the Alex Pietrangelo negotiations with the Blues

11:30 – The Cardinals offseason is full of uncertainty. Is there a clear option for the Cards to trade for?

11:45 – Questions & Answers

12:00 – Former Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel says Dylan Carlson looks more relaxed at the plate

12:15 – Bet it or Forget it

12:30 – Cardinals broadcaster Danny Mac describes how Dylan Carlson has adjusted to the way opposing pitchers are pitching to him

12:45 – The Crossover

1:00 – Is tanking in the best interest for the Cardinals?

1:15 – Which NFL QB’s have changed your opinion the most based on their play in the first two weeks?

1:30 – Are we sure..?

1:45 – The Crossover