The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane 4-30-21

2:00- Huge win for the Blues- now 4 in a row
2:15- NFL Draft- biggest takeaways
2:30- Danny Mac INT- thoughts on Pirates series
2:45- What’s trending- Aaron Rodgers- Cards- Blues- Draft
3:00- Blues- what happened after the first 37 minutes? Husso looked sharp
3:15- Cards- Bader and Whitley activated- Miller to IL
3:30- NFL draft- what numerous teams will regret
3:45- Blues- power play- Bozak’s play
4:00- Gauntlet
4:15- Brad Thompson- is he excited for Bader’s return
4:30- NFL draft- things to look out for this weekend
4:45- Blues power play and road ahead
5:00 Top 5 at 5
5:15 What will outfield look like w Bader’s return
5:30- Sports 6 pack
5:45- Bet the Board

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